A range of specially crafted fries for superior crispiness in Off-Premise.

McCain SureCrisp™ is sure to deliver

DELIVERS on Superior Hold

Signature Clear Coat Technology for a hold time of up to 30 minutes, and crispier for longer

DELIVERS on Consumer Satisfaction

Exceed consumers’ expectations for fry crispiness, and increase consumer confidence of ordering fries as a go-to-side.

DELIVERS on Texture

Fluffy interior with a crispy exterior.

DELIVERS Profitability

Increase sales by expanding your delivery area and confidently offer one of the most popular and highest menu items for delivery and takeaway, as well as on-premises.

DELIVERS on Operational Simplicity

Avoid menuing 2 different fries for on premises, takeaway and delivery with SureCrisp™ that performs on plate and in pack.

SureCrisp™ Off-Premise Range

A crispy solution for every need

SureCrisp™ Skin-On 9mm

SureCrisp™ Fries 10mm

SureCrisp™ Fries 13mm

SureCrisp™ Steak Fries

What do consumers LOVE about McCain SureCrisp™ fries?

Nice and crisp, nice taste, fluffy texture

Loved the cut of the chip, colour and flavour

Best combination of crispiness and flavour, nice aftertaste

Crispy, long lasting taste

What do operators LOVE about McCain SureCrisp™ fries?

SureCrisp stay crispier for longer – our fans are getting a chip that
holds better for longer, and we are getting less wastage

– Rebecca Harvey (Executive Manager, Hospitality), MCG

SureCrisp delivers nothing but the consistency, crispiness and
flavor profile our customers expect from a great chip

– Squire Loft, The Steak Specialists

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