Switched-on Foodservice Professionals Recognise Benefits of McCain A Grade Fries (June 2010)

Making the switch to McCain A grade fries is good for business in more ways than one!
There’s the obvious benefit of being able to serve your customers a superior product. And because higher grade fries give you a greater number of serves per kilo, they’re also a more economical choice in the long run.
The lower moisture content of A grade fries also offers real benefits – it means they absorb less cooking oil and the oil itself will take longer to break down, thereby extending its life cycle.
And as a further incentive to change to A grade fries, McCain Foods is now rewarding it’s A grade end-users with the My McCain Fries Advantage rewards program.
One satisfied foodservice professional who uses McCain A grade fries is Tony Cincotta, managing director of Henny Penny Foods, which operates a long-established chain of quick service restaurants in NSW’s Newcastle/Hunter region.
Henny Penny sells dine-in and takeaway barbecued and fried chicken meals, burgers and rolls across 16 stores and has been using McCain for more than 30 years.
In his 30 years in the business, Tony has used fries from other suppliers as well, but says McCain fries definitely have the edge over the competition.
“McCain A grade fries are a superior product. You don’t get the small offcuts and the chips with dark eyes. So you know you’re purchasing a quality product that has been professionally made and blanched and is superior to a B grade product. You get a full-bodied chip with plenty of flavour and good texture and mouthfeel. With some of the B grade fries, there’s not a lot of potato left inside after frying.”
McCain A grade fries are available in 10mm Fast Fry – ideal for the takeaway market – and 13mm Straight Cut which will maintain holding quality, crispness and flavour while in the bain marie.
Whichever variety you choose, your customers are sure to be happy when you serve them the higher quality product – and you’ll be happy too, because A grade fries will give you more serves per carton.
And each carton now includes reward tokens printed on the inner lid, allowing you to participate in the MyMcCain Fries Advantage program in just three easy steps:
1. Register online at mymccainfriesadvantage.com.au
2. Collect your rewards tokens from each carton
3. When you’ve collected 50 to 100 tokens, print off the submission form from the website and send in to redeem your points for great prizes.
Tony Cincotta has already signed up, thrilled to be able to participate in a program which rewards himself and his staff for rewarding their customers with the best quality product available.
“It’s a great little program,” Tony enthuses. “When we received the cartons with the tokens on them, I went onto the internet to have a look at what was available and was blown away by the range of rewards on offer!
“There’s such a fantastic selection to choose from – you can redeem the vouchers for electrical items, sporting goods, food and wine, accommodation, phones, plasma screen TVs, camera and a whole lot more – it’s really an unbelievable assortment. There’s movie vouchers, family items, toddler’s toys, kids’ bikes, a home and garden section, kitchen utensils – you can even send flowers!”
Tony says he hasn’t yet decided what rewards he’ll choose – “we may get a TV or two to put in-store, or redeem points for some vouchers to reward staff. Or maybe do a bit of both!”
He adds that it won’t take long to save up enough tokens to redeem for these great rewards. “You’ve just got to be diligent about putting them aside. There’s plenty of time to save them to get whatever you want.”